try on

try on
(to put on (clothes etc) to see if they fit: She tried on a new hat.) probarse
try on vb probarse
try the skirt on to see if it's your size pruébate la falda para saber si es tu talla
try on
probarse (Textil) v.
v + o + adv, v + adv + o \<\<skirt/shoes/hat\>\> probarse*, medirse* (Col, Méx)

to try it on (with somebody) — (BrE colloq)

don't try it on with me! — cuidadito con pasarte de la raya conmigo! (fam)

1) [+ clothes, shoes] probarse

would you like to try it on? — ¿quiere probárselo?

size I, 1.
2) (Brit)
* (fig)

to try it on: she's trying it on to see how far she can push you — lo está haciendo para ver hasta cuánto aguantas

take no notice, he's just trying it on — no le hagas caso, solo está intentando quedarse contigo *

don't try anything on with me! — ¡no intentes quedarte conmigo! *

* * *
v + o + adv, v + adv + o \<\<skirt/shoes/hat\>\> probarse*, medirse* (Col, Méx)

to try it on (with somebody) — (BrE colloq)

don't try it on with me! — cuidadito con pasarte de la raya conmigo! (fam)

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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